Wondering how the program works? Hear from employers that have found great hires, applicants that have landed great jobs, and instructors that have used GeneratioNext Propane Pros to help students start planning their careers.

Propane State Association Executive Directors

As with many, our members are faced with the challenge of finding employees during a mass labor shortage. To assist our members in finding future employees, the Illinois Propane Gas Association partnered with GeneratioNext Propane Pros. GeneratioNext Propane Pros has done an excellent job educating students within CDL and trade school programs about potential career opportunities in the propane industry. This recruitment program also incorporates veterans. With over five hundred applicants in less than six months, this workforce development program has been a great success. I look forward to continuing to work with Michelle and seeing the growth we can accomplish moving forward!

Brad Blair
Illinois Propane Gas Association • Illinois

One of the biggest challenges our members face is the workforce shortage. The New York Propane Gas Association partnered with GeneratioNext Propane Pros to combat this challenge, connecting propane marketers with qualified candidates for hire. With over 200 candidates in a few short months, propane marketers have been able to find their next hire. After sitting in on an outreach session, it's clear why the program is a success. HVAC and CDL students are educated on the career opportunities available in the propane industry and get to speak with an employer. During my first outreach session the instructor even asked about incorporating our CETP training into his curriculum. I would highly recommend taking advantage of this exciting resource.

Bill Overbaugh
New York Propane Gas Association • New York

When we completed our initial workforce recruitment project, we knew we did well in our outreach to military veterans and bases with several dozen applicants. However, we were impressed with the numbers we heard GeneratioNext Propane Pros achieved in other states, and the Ohio Propane Gas Association decided to give them an opportunity to do the same in Ohio. In the first few short months, they have already generated over 100 applicants – the majority of whom have a CDL already!  We look forward to continuing to work with Michelle as the stats speak for themselves!

Derek Dalling
Ohio Propane Gas Association • Ohio



GeneratioNext Propane Pros is a tool our industry has needed for a long time now: viable career opportunities for technical trade school students and qualified candidates for hire for local propane companies. I don't know how every state is not participating in GeneratioNext Propane Pros. During one of the GeneratioNext Propane Pros presentations, I had the opportunity to connect with qualified CDL and HVAC applicants and let them know about the career opportunities at McMinnville Gas as well as in the propane industry. Following the presentation, I had candidates contacting me for placement. Every propane company and state association should be invested in this program because it is an investment in the success of our industry.

Ryan Buller
McMinnville Gas • Oregon

“I have had the opportunity to join in on a couple GeneratioNext Propane Pros outreach sessions that Michellehad arranged with various CDL and Technical Schools throughout the state. It was a great chance to talk to these folks about a career in the propane industry, and the many upsides for them to consider. I believe these students are a target group of prospective propaners that ALL state associations should be involved with. A very pro-propane presentation that will make them think of Propane as a career choice.”

David K. Bertelsen
Matheson • Ohio

Our industry is experiencing some major turnover as our veteran employees begin retirement. I joined the NPGA Workforce Outreach taskforce several years ago because I can see the writing on the wall. GeneratioNext Propane Pros is making connections and getting us a front row seat at CDL and technical trade schools in Illinois. Together, we are able to educate the students on the benefits of a career in the propane industry. The work they are doing is invaluable in delivering our message to the right group of skilled workers that we need on our payroll in these upcoming years.

Tonya Crow
GROWMARK / FS Propane • Illinois



“Our CDL Program at Big Bend Community College had the opportunity to learn about the careers in the propane industry. Students were able to learn about the career benefits and specific job openings in the area. Should students choose to utilize their CDL in the propane industry, they can do over the road transport or be home each night. GeneratioNext Propane Pros provided tons of valuable insight into an industry the students hadn't considered before. There was a lot of interest, and we look forward to continuing to have GeneratioNext present to our CDL classes."

Guillermo Garza
Big Bend Community College • Washington

Generation Next Propane Pros gave a very good presentation. Both Michelle and Alex were both very knowledgeable. It seems like a very good opportunity for our students to hire on with a company and have a career with advancement opportunities. I was really pleased with the information presented to our students.

Tony J. Callais
Fletcher Technical Community College • Louisiana

GeneratioNext Propane Pros conducted a zoom presentation to our CDL students and let them know about the career opportunities in the propane industry. Regardless of whether or not the students want to use their CDL to do over the road, long haul transport or want to be home every night, there is a rewarding job opportunity for them. During the presentation, I had several students already asking how they could contact local propane companies to discuss employment. Through the NextGenPropane.com website and connecting with Michelle, the students were able to connect with potential employers. Partnering with GeneratioNext Propane Pros is a no brainer - we're evening looking into adding CETP training to our curriculum! We are confident this will be a beneficial relationship for both Mid State Driving Academy and the propane industry in Alabama

Ryan Hawkins
Mid State Driving Academy • Montgomery, Alabama

GeneratioNext Propane Pros spoke with our CDL students recently and it was an incredible experience. Students were able to learn about the propane industry and the career opportunities the propane industry has to offer. The students learned how they can utilize their CDL in the propane industry and were able to speak with a potential employer right in our area. GeneratioNext Propane Pros is a great partner for Shawnee Community College and I look forward to having them present to all our classes.

Kelly Jennings
Shawnee Community College • Ullin, Illinois



The GeneratioNext Propane Pros presentation was very informational and opened my eyes to other stuff in the HVACR trade.

Brian Delcid
Spotsylvania Career and Technical Center • Virginia

Propane services branch out to many more products and opportunities than I thought!

Jacob Gatewood
Spotsylvania Career and Technical Center • Virginia