Propane Instructor Testimonials

Trade school, HVAC, and CDL instructors use GeneratioNext Propane Pros to bring real-world career resources to their classrooms. GeneratioNext Propane Pros providees free career development resources and student outreach to instructors and schools across the country. Hear from instructors about how the program has helped their curriculum and their students after graduation.

Hear from HVAC and Driving Instructors

Michelle’s GeneratioNext Propane Pros presentation was well executed. It reinforced what we teach in the Automotive Service Technician Program here at South Texas Vo-Tech. There are many career choices with transferable skills that we teach that are perfect for other similar fields. Michelle and Brody from Buster’s Propane were clear with their facts of growing propane industry and many opportunities available to our graduates.

Bill Shearer
Automotive Service Technician Instructor • South Texas Vocational Technical Institute

Partnering with GeneratioNext Propane Pros to present our CDL students career opportunities in the propane industry has been a great addition to our placement efforts. Our students are able to learn that the propane industry offers a number of local CDL jobs, where they can make a good income but still be home at night. The interaction with our students was very informative; showing them the GenerationNext website where they could not only see what jobs are available in their area, but also get details about them was an exciting tool for them to use and having a local propane employer speak with the students about their company was very effective also. We look forward to continuing to partner with GeneratioNext Propane Pros and educating our CDL students on yet another career option!

Jim Childers
Corporate Director of Placement • Coastal Truck Driving School

GeneratioNext Propane Pros is a great partner for Crowder College! They provide our CDL students with so much information about another career opportunity available to them in the propane industry. Many of our students hadn’t considered the propane industry prior to the presentation. The students were impressed with the information and the benefits offered – especially the opportunity for them to use their CDL either over the road or locally where they can be home each night. We had some students reach out to propane employers directly after the presentation. We look forward to continuing to have GeneratioNext Propane Pros educate our CDL classes on jobs in the propane industry!

Michael Hutchins
CDL Instructor • Crowder College
Neosho, Missouri

The presentation was very informative. Ms. Wilson provided my students will an industry perspective to a career path they may not be aware of. The students were actively engaged during the presentation and certainty learned something knew on the industry of propane. Students asked questions to find more information on how propane may be a career fit for themselves. Suffolk Community College is looking forward to future opportunities with GeneratioNext Propane.

Matt Gannotta
HVAC Student Director • Suffolk County Community College
New York

Ms. Wilson and the propane companies in the Southeast Propane Alliance shared the propane industry’s career strategy to the students, as many were not aware of job openings and progression possibilities within the industry. After the presentation, several students were looking at the website for possible local job opportunities.

James Clements
Air Conditioning Technology Program Chair • Southern Regional Technical College
Moultrie, Georgia

GeneratioNext Propane Pros’ presentation gave my students the opportunity to see what kind of jobs are out there in the propane industry. I have been doing more with Propane in my curriculum and look forward to finding out what I can prepare my students for if they decide to go out to work in the propane industry. Thank you, Ms. Wilson and GeneratioNext Propane Pros for your presentation.

Bryan Mott
HVAC Instructor • Seaway Technical Education Center
Norwood, New York

Generation Next Propane Pros gave a very good presentation. Both Michelle and Alex were both very knowledgeable. It seems like a very good opportunity for our students to hire on with a company and have a career with advancement opportunities. I was really pleased with the information presented to our students.

Tony J. Callais
Welding Instructor • Fletcher Technical Community College

GeneratioNext Propane Pros presented to our CDL class here at 160 Driving Academy in Fayetteville. It was a great experience for our students to learn about the career opportunities available in the propane industry.
Following the presentation, students immediately started to reach out to local propane employers to discuss placement upon graduation. We are looking forward to partnering with GeneratioNext Propane Pros and presenting to our future classes!

Jessica Townsend
Branch Manager • 160 Driving Academy
Fayetteville, Arkansas

GeneratioNext Propane Pros conducted an informational session for our students. They covered
ways that students could connect with employers offering good jobs at propane and HVAC companies. It is good to see industries reaching out to vocational students this way. Employment with a good company where you can continue to grow and learn after official trade school can be the most daunting part of a career journey in the trades. Thank you, GeneratioNext Propane Pros!

Kelly Summerrow
HVAC Instructor • Herbert J. Hoelter Vocational Training Center

Arkansas Tech University Ozark ACR class really enjoyed the GenerationNext Propane Pros presentation. Following the presentation, I was slammed with questions for about 40 minutes! The students were very responsive to the zoom meeting and are excited about the propane industry. This allowed our students to see a larger field they will have available to them in HVAC after their completion of the program.

Kenny Beeler
Russellville, Arkansas • HVAC Instructor
Arkansas Tech University

“Our CDL Program at Big Bend Community College had the opportunity to learn about the careers in the propane industry. Students were able to learn about the career benefits and specific job openings in the area. Should students choose to utilize their CDL in the propane industry, they can do over the road transport or be home each night. GeneratioNext Propane Pros provided tons of valuable insight into an industry the students hadn’t considered before. There was a lot of interest, and we look forward to continuing to have GeneratioNext present to our CDL classes.”

Guillermo Garza
CDL Instructor • Big Bend Community College

My entire class and I were thankful for the opportunity to have GeneratioNext Propane Pros present what opportunities are available. My students were thrilled to have information and resources shared with them. Most of my students were impressed with all the opportunities available to them in the propane industry, especially the roles that were specific to HVAC/R, possibility of earning a CDL with some employers, and other career advancement opportunities. The presentation was informative and identified key aspects of how the propane and HVAC/R industries are alike. I look forward to having this presentation to future classes.

Ryan Hoffert
HVAC Instructor & Veteran Advisor • Perry Technology Institute
Yakima, WA

SOTI was proud to host the GenerationNext Propane Pros Presentation to our class today. It offered our students a chance to see a whole other side of an industry that they didn’t even realize existed. It has generated plenty of good conversation in our classroom, and we highly appreciated the first-hand experience of the presenter. This will be a message I will bring to future classes, and I hope I can bring others into the propane business.

Bill Sharpless
HVAC Instructor • Southern Ohio Technical Institute, Inc (SOTI)
Cincinnati, Ohio

GeneratioNext Propane Pros spoke with our CDL students about the career opportunities available to them in the propane industry. They not only spoke about the job opportunities but provided a tool to connect with potential employers looking to hire. Utilizing their CDL in the propane industry seems like a great option for many of our students, especially those who want to be home at night. Napier Truck Driver Training is thrilled to partner with GeneratioNext Propane Pros.

Jason Pawelecki
CDL Instructor • Napier Truck Driver Training
Hamilton, Ohio

GenerationNext Propane Pros had a zoom meeting with my plumbing class recently. It was a great opportunity for my students to learn about job opportunities in the propane industry. Students were able to get all their questions answered about jobs in the propane industry. I intend to have this presentation given to all future classes.

George Weirich
Plumbing Instructor • Ashland County West Holmes Career Center
Ashland, Ohio

Thank you very much for the GeneratioNext Propane Pros presentation to our HVAC class. The students that were there have had their eyes opened to new possibilities in propane. Keep up the great work!

Charlie Moredock
HVAC Instructor • National Center on Institutions and Alternatives HJH Vocational Training Center
North Carolina

We at Carrington College (Phoenix) would like to thank GeneratioNext Propane Pros for being a part of our student’s success stories. This partnership will help us and our students to achieve great things. Carrington College is grateful for the opportunity to work with GeneratioNext Propane Pros. The presentation to our students from Michelle was very informative and enlightened all our students. We look forward to continuing our journey together.

Thomas Ginn
HVAC Instructor • Carrington College
Phoenix, AZ

Thank you GeneratioNext Propane Pros for coming and talking to the students about the opportunities in the propane industry. The information provided was helpful and the website offers addition connections and opportunities for the student to use in their search in a career path. Thanks to Michelle and AmeriGas for sharing!

Denny Purdy
Instructor of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration • University of Northwestern Ohio
Lima, Ohio

The North Carolina Propane Gas Association’s career presentation allowed our students to consider options outside of the traditional residential and commercial HVAC industry. The benefits and growth opportunities available through careers in the propane industry had our students talking after the presentation. Students get excited when they learn about the need for skilled workers and the demand for their services. Having another potential pathway to choose from when making that career decision adds to students’ sense of security and stability. Time well spent!

Bruce Bowman
HVAC Instructor • Davidson-Davie Community College
Thomasville, NC

GeneratioNext Propane Pros spoke with our CDL students recently and it was an incredible experience. Students were able to learn about the propane industry and the career opportunities the propane industry has to offer. The students learned how they can utilize their CDL in the propane industry and were able to speak with a potential employer right in our area. GeneratioNext Propane Pros is a great partner for Shawnee Community College and I look forward to having them present to all our classes.

Kelly Jennings
Truck Driving Coordinator • Shawnee Community College
Ullin, Illinois

The students at Wilson Community College enjoyed learning about all the career opportunities in the propane industry. GeneratioNext Propane Pros did a great job explaining the wide range of jobs in the field. Michelle did a great job hosting the meeting and ensuring the students got the information and answering the students’ questions.

Chase Edwards
HVAC Instructor • Wilson Community College
North Carolina

This is the first presentation that has been made since our school moved to its new location. The presentation was loaded with information on the industry and had a great connection to local opportunities. Michelle is a good speaker, easy to understand, and had great knowledge! The students were impressed with the information and the benefits offered in the industry. Several of them seem genuinely interested in getting more information from our local employers. We look forward to keeping this ‘pipeline’ as a possible landing site for our students!

Richard Dupraw
Portland Academy Director • Toro Trucking Academy
Portland, Oregon

GeneratioNext Propane Pros conducted a zoom presentation to our CDL students and let them know about the career opportunities in the propane industry. Regardless of whether or not the students want to use their CDL to do over the road, long haul transport or want to be home every night, there is a rewarding job opportunity for them. During the presentation, I had several students already asking how they could contact local propane companies to discuss employment. Through the website and connecting with Michelle, the students were able to connect with potential employers. Partnering with GeneratioNext Propane Pros is a no brainer – we’re evening looking into adding CETP training to our curriculum! We are confident this will be a beneficial relationship for both Mid State Driving Academy and the propane industry in Alabama

Ryan Hawkins
Truck Driving Instructor • Mid State Driving Academy
Montgomery, Alabama

GeneratioNext Propane Pros is definitely a leader in the energy industry. Michelle was very insightful in the presentation for the industry. The experience was very attractive to my students, knowing that they now have an employment option that will keep them close to home with their families. I think that it’s very beneficial for someone who just got their CDL to have the option to stay close to home on roads they are familiar with, helping them stay safer during their transition period from student to professional driver. Hocking College hopes to have a long relationship for their students with GeneratioNext Propane Pros.

Jimmy Kern
CDL Instructor • Hocking College

GeneratioNext Propane Pros spoke at Southwestern Illinois College recently and it was an excellent experience for the students and me. The students were able to learn about the propane industry, how their classroom training could be applied to propane jobs in the industry, and what the propane industry has to offer for career opportunities. It was awesome that the students were able to speak with a local potential employer. The presentation gave the students insight into opportunities that are out there for them that they may have never thought of as a career. The presentation also set the building blocks for the school to offer more exposure to propane equipment and training opportunities.

Keith Otten
HVAC Coordinator • Southwestern Illinois College
Belleville, Illinois