Propane Employer Testimonials

Propane companies across the country have used GeneratioNext Propane Pros to hire qualified candidates from their communities. GeneratioNext Propane Pros goes above and beyond typical job search website to connect propane employers with prospective candidates that have the skills and interest to join the propane industry. Propane employers use GeneratioNext Propane Pros to post jobs online, reach out to potential applicants, and make connections with local trade, HVAC, and CDL schools.

Hear from Propane Employers

I have been fortunate to work near and within the propane industry over the past decade and have grown tremendous respect for the people dedicated to providing an environmentally friendly and safe fuel source to our customers. I have also seen it can be challenging to share this story with the next generation – especially those entering the workforce. GeneratioNext Propane is doing a phenomenal job connecting with propane retailers to educate students at local technical schools around not only the basics of propane but also about rewarding, local job opportunities within the propane industry. It’s a community we are passionate to grow, and GeneratioNext Propane is doing all the right things to partner with institutes to build a pipeline of hard-working experts to carry the legacy forward.

Becky Hornblower
Energy Marketing Specialist • Gold Star FS

Recently, I had the honor of participating in a presentation promoting the propane business by the OPGA to the Southern Ohio Technical Institute HVAC class. This was my first experience with an opportunity like this, and it blew me away why it took me so long to get involved. This was a fantastic experience, and I was grateful for the opportunity to promote, not only the propane business, but also Amerigas as the leader in the propane industry to the class of HVAC students. I look forward to more opportunities to come!

Matt Malott
Territory Manager • AmeriGas
Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana

Today I had the privilege of joining an outreach session with GeneratioNext Propane Pros. I was blown away with the presentation and the message conveyed by Michelle about the career opportunities in the Propane Industry. It was a great opportunity to speak with CDL students about career opportunities that our company has to offer. I love the program and would recommend to all companies and organizations within the propane industry.

Kevin Mann

Michelle invited me to participate in a GenerationNext Propane Pros presentation at the South Louisiana Community College. It was really great seeing Michelle show all the opportunity the propane industry has to offer for new CDL drivers entering the work force. She was also great in getting the whole class engaged on the longevity of a career in propane.

Brett Caminita
Area Manager • Amerigas

Our industry is experiencing some major turnover as our veteran employees begin retirement. I joined the NPGA Workforce Outreach taskforce several years ago because I can see the writing on the wall. GeneratioNext Propane Pros is making connections and getting us a front row seat at CDL and technical trade schools in Illinois. Together, we are able to educate the students on the benefits of a career in the propane industry. The work they are doing is invaluable in delivering our message to the right group of skilled workers that we need on our payroll in these upcoming years.

Tonya Crow
Energy Sales & Marketing Director • GROWMARK / FS Propane

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to share my experiences in the propane industry with future industry professionals. GeneratioNext Propane Pros does a fantastic job of putting HVAC professionals in touch with industry leaders to brag about the benefits of not only working for our company, but working for the industry as a whole.

Matt Schmitt
Territory Manager • Amerigas
Eastern Missouri, Southern Illinois, Western Kentucky

Thank you for the opportunity to join the GeneratioNext Propane Pros recruiting zoom call today. I am extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to represent Paraco. In addition, I exceptionally enjoyed the presentation and the experience interacting with the students. Having the opportunity to speak with CDL students about the history of Paraco Gas, the benefits Paraco offers, and the benefits of becoming a CDL driver within the propane industry was so gratifying. I was surprised, but thankful, to have two students interested in applying for a job at Paraco Gas. In my opinion, I would recommend this program and/or opportunity to other companies. Please keep me in mind for future events, I would also love the opportunity to be able to educate others.

Dan Scicutella
General Manager • Paraco
Long Island, New York

Michelle invited me to participate in a presentation for a technical school and I was very impressed with the amount of information and excitement that was presented about a career in the propane industry. This was a more targeted approach to reach potential employees to our industry. My biggest takeaway was that we had the opportunity to tell the story of the benefits of a career in the propane industry and Michelle did a great job of laying that out. I see this as a huge benefit to our association and something that should be used across the country.

Brian Buschur
McMahan’s Bottle Gas

“I have had the opportunity to join in on a couple GeneratioNext Propane Pros outreach sessions that Michellehad arranged with various CDL and Technical Schools throughout the state. It was a great chance to talk to these folks about a career in the propane industry, and the many upsides for them to consider. I believe these students are a target group of prospective propaners that ALL state associations should be involved with. A very pro-propane presentation that will make them think of Propane as a career choice.”

David K. Bertelsen
National Propane Product Manager • Matheson

Joining GeneratioNext Propane Pros for one of their outreach sessions was a very rewarding recruiting experience! I had the opportunity to speak with CDL students on a military base about the benefits of a career opportunity in the local propane industry. This is a program I truly believe our industry should be ACTIVELY participating in every year.

Chet Crouse
Transport and Delivery Manager • Mirabito Energy Products
New York

The outreach sessions GeneratioNext Propane Pros conducts are critical to our industry. I joined Michelle for a speaking engagement with a local CDL school and saw the impact firsthand. Many students who had little to no knowledge about the career opportunities in the propane industry left with valuable information and new excitement for propane careers. The program provides qualified candidates for propane companies, solving one of our industry’s biggest challenges.

Matthew McClory
Strick's LP Gas
North Carolina

Thank you so much Michelle for allowing me to be involved in your Generation Next Propane pros presentation. I believe this will be a very important tool to be used as we look for prospective employees. As you so well stated that our industry’s workforce is ageing and that we need employees to fill their shoes. I appreciate your passion and dedication and look forward to working with you in the future.

Butch Carper
General Manager • Rutland Bottle Gas

GeneratioNext Propane Pros is doing a great service by connecting new CDL holders with companies within the propane industry. This type of exposure is just what the propane industry needs to produce qualified candidates into technical and professional roles within propane companies. Getting face to face interaction with these recently graduated CDL students is a great opportunity to invest in the next generation of propane professionals.

Emily Hughes
Foster Fuels • Manager / Human Resources

Michelle, thank you for the opportunity to sit in on the GeneratioNext Propane Pros call. Your presentation was excellent, and I was glad to be able to help. I had two students reach out within a day after the call. You are providing a great resource for the propane industry!

Robert Turner
District Manager • Ferrellgas

I am excited to partner with GeneratioNext Propane Pros in their outreach program. It gives employers the opportunity to speak to CDL students and HVAC students about the opportunities available in the industry. With the driver shortage and skilled labor shortage, it is critical that this industry educate students on the positives in working in the propane industry. I am signing up for as many sessions as possible. The presentation about the propane industry and opportunity to discuss your company shouldn’t be missed.

Susan McMurtry
Recruitment Coordinator • Quarles, Inc.

Joining GeneratioNext Propane Pros presentations for both CDL and HVAC schools has been one of the most rewarding recruitment experiences. The students have typically never considered a career in the propane industry, and after talking to them, there is always significant interest in our industry. Participating in these presentations is a great way to talk about job opportunities available in a company but also the benefits a career in the propane industry offers overall. Following the presentations, I’ve had several students apply to our open positions. is a great tool to search for qualified candidates, and Michelle also reaches out to send applicants our way. I would encourage every propane company to take advantage of GeneratioNext Propane Pros.

Suzanne McDaniel
Corporate Recruiter • MFA Oil
Missouri • Arkansas • Indiana • Iowa• Kansas • Kentucky • Oklahoma • Tennessee

It was a pleasure joining the GenerationNext Propane Pros session this morning with Michelle. The opportunity within the propane industry is really unlimited, and this program highlights the need for CDL drivers. I believe everyone that attended the session is intrigued and excited about the future opportunities available to them. I know our company, CHS, along with many others, are thankful this program exists. I encourage everyone to take advantage of GeneratioNext Propane Pros and get their careers started.

Kenney Evans
Regional Operations Manager • CHS Inc

I was grateful for the opportunity to meet with future CDL drivers and share the many job opportunities at AmeriGas and within the propane industry. This experience allowed each participant the space to ask questions and understand more about propane. I look forward to working with Michelle in the future and helping students to see the many opportunities within the industry!

Crystal Hill
Area Manager • AmeriGas
Eastern NC

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with CDL students from Southside Virginia Community College on behalf of Michelle Wilson of GenerationNext Propane Pros. It was hands down the most rewarding recruiting experience I’ve had. I was able to speak to the students about our wonderful propane industry and give them the knowledge and history of Parker Oil & Propane. The program is just what our industry needs, getting propane marketers face to face with qualified candidates in the state of Virginia. Every Propane company in the state should be invested in the success of this program. Thanks again for letting me take part in this program.

Brian Atwood
Regional Sales Manager • Parker Oil & Propane

I had the opportunity to join GeneratioNext Propane Pros for one of their outreach sessions, and I can say it was the most successful recruiting experiences ever. At the start of the presentation the students hadn’t considered a career in the propane industry, and by the end I already had phone calls from CDL applicants interested in open driving positions. The results were almost instantaneous. Joining the presentation was easy and allowed more exposure for Harper Propane. I am looking forward to joining future presentations and hiring a new CDL delivery driver (a position that I have had trouble filling in the past)!

Tami Cralley
Owner • Harper Propane Service, Inc
Mount Vernon, Illinois

I had the opportunity to virtually join in on a GeneratioNext Propane Pros presentation to the CDL class at Big Bend Community College. It was great to be able to share our excitement for the propane industry and how it coincides with CDL opportunities at CHS, Inc. Michelle’s presentation outlined key points for the students while providing guidance for those early in their careers, which initiated a good discussion. The collaboration with CHS was impactful and is a good example of how we can influence students—no matter where they are within their career.

Erika Woodruff
Talent Acquisition • CHS Inc.

Partnering with GeneratioNext Propane Pros has been a very positive and rewarding experience for Southern States Cooperative. Through their outreach sessions, we have been able to connect with many rising professionals interested in a career in the propane industry, showcasing our company brand and employment opportunities in the states where we operate, in order to hire and further develop future leaders for Southern States Cooperative.

Jay Barrow
Manager, Talent Acquisition • Southern States Cooperative

In a time when Propane Drivers are in very short supply and the market is excessively competitive GenerationNext Propane Pros provided access and opportunity to speak with a class of CDL Drivers and highlight the benefits and career opportunities that exist within the propane industry. I was grateful for the access this provided which led to participants following up and inquiring about job opportunities at Foster Fuels. The candidate’s interest was spurred by the GenerationNext Propane Pros presentation highlighting the opportunity and growth across the propane industry.

Mike Gilliland
Vice President Human Resources • Foster Fuels

Today I was able to collaborate with Michelle from GeneratioNext Propane Pro’s on a presentation to 509 Driving School. The students from 509 Driving School learned all about the industry, and the career opportunities available to drivers with CDL’s. Michelle’s presentation was great and her enthusiasm for our industry and opportunities are unmatched. I was able to present information about Ferrellgas, and the great opportunities available to drivers with CDL’s when choosing us for a career! The format was great, and I know we will see results from this presentation. I look forward to the next presentation.

Todd Glore
District Manager • Ferrellgas
Spokane Valley, WA

GeneratioNext Propane Pros is on the right track in aggressively helping us recruit the next generation of propane professionals. They make recruitment easy with their informative, attractive presentation. Their commitment to help connect skilled workers with small business’ is exceptional.

Carly Fletcher
Owner • B&P Propane / Knotty Pine Oil