Propane Employer Testimonials

Propane companies across the country have used GeneratioNext Propane Pros to hire qualified candidates from their communities. GeneratioNext Propane Pros goes above and beyond typical job search website to connect propane employers with prospective candidates that have the skills and interest to join the propane industry. Propane employers use GeneratioNext Propane Pros to post jobs online, reach out to potential applicants, and make connections with local trade, HVAC, and CDL schools.

Hear from Propane Employers

I had the privilege and opportunity to speak to students who recently earned their CDLs through the Sage Truck Driving School in Dallas thanks to the GeneratioNext Propane Pros program. I have not been with the propane industry as long as my colleagues have but it doesn’t take much to recognize that propane is on the rise and demand is continuing to increase every single day. In turn, this means more job openings, more people needed – enter, GeneratioNext Propane Pros. During my part of the presentation, the students were respectful and ended up having quite a few questions towards the end. By far, this was better than any job or career fair I could have gone to. I think this program is exactly what our industry needs to fill those gaps in the application and hiring process and every company, big or small, should take part in this advantageous program.

Carly Donsbach Hoover
Talent Acquisition Recruiter • Meritum Energy/Pico Propane

I am excited to partner with GeneratioNext Propane Pros in their outreach program. It gives employers the opportunity to speak to CDL students and HVAC students about the opportunities available in the industry. With the driver shortage and skilled labor shortage, it is critical that this industry educate students on the positives in working in the propane industry. I am signing up for as many sessions as possible. The presentation about the propane industry and opportunity to discuss your company shouldn’t be missed.

Susan McMurtry
Recruitment Coordinator • Quarles, Inc.

Joining GeneratioNext Propane Pros presentations for both CDL and HVAC schools has been one of the most rewarding recruitment experiences. The students have typically never considered a career in the propane industry, and after talking to them, there is always significant interest in our industry. Participating in these presentations is a great way to talk about job opportunities available in a company but also the benefits a career in the propane industry offers overall. Following the presentations, I’ve had several students apply to our open positions. is a great tool to search for qualified candidates, and Michelle also reaches out to send applicants our way. I would encourage every propane company to take advantage of GeneratioNext Propane Pros.

Suzanne McDaniel
Corporate Recruiter • MFA Oil
Missouri • Arkansas • Indiana • Iowa• Kansas • Kentucky • Oklahoma • Tennessee

It was a pleasure joining the GenerationNext Propane Pros session this morning with Michelle. The opportunity within the propane industry is really unlimited, and this program highlights the need for CDL drivers. I believe everyone that attended the session is intrigued and excited about the future opportunities available to them. I know our company, CHS, along with many others, are thankful this program exists. I encourage everyone to take advantage of GeneratioNext Propane Pros and get their careers started.

Kenney Evans
Regional Operations Manager • CHS Inc

I was grateful for the opportunity to meet with future CDL drivers and share the many job opportunities at AmeriGas and within the propane industry. This experience allowed each participant the space to ask questions and understand more about propane. I look forward to working with Michelle in the future and helping students to see the many opportunities within the industry!

Crystal Hill
Area Manager • AmeriGas
Eastern NC

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with CDL students from Southside Virginia Community College on behalf of Michelle Wilson of GenerationNext Propane Pros. It was hands down the most rewarding recruiting experience I’ve had. I was able to speak to the students about our wonderful propane industry and give them the knowledge and history of Parker Oil & Propane. The program is just what our industry needs, getting propane marketers face to face with qualified candidates in the state of Virginia. Every Propane company in the state should be invested in the success of this program. Thanks again for letting me take part in this program.

Brian Atwood
Regional Sales Manager • Parker Oil & Propane

I had the opportunity to join GeneratioNext Propane Pros for one of their outreach sessions, and I can say it was the most successful recruiting experiences ever. At the start of the presentation the students hadn’t considered a career in the propane industry, and by the end I already had phone calls from CDL applicants interested in open driving positions. The results were almost instantaneous. Joining the presentation was easy and allowed more exposure for Harper Propane. I am looking forward to joining future presentations and hiring a new CDL delivery driver (a position that I have had trouble filling in the past)!

Tami Cralley
Owner • Harper Propane Service, Inc
Mount Vernon, Illinois

I had the opportunity to virtually join in on a GeneratioNext Propane Pros presentation to the CDL class at Big Bend Community College. It was great to be able to share our excitement for the propane industry and how it coincides with CDL opportunities at CHS, Inc. Michelle’s presentation outlined key points for the students while providing guidance for those early in their careers, which initiated a good discussion. The collaboration with CHS was impactful and is a good example of how we can influence students—no matter where they are within their career.

Erika Woodruff
Talent Acquisition • CHS Inc.

Partnering with GeneratioNext Propane Pros has been a very positive and rewarding experience for Southern States Cooperative. Through their outreach sessions, we have been able to connect with many rising professionals interested in a career in the propane industry, showcasing our company brand and employment opportunities in the states where we operate, in order to hire and further develop future leaders for Southern States Cooperative.

Jay Barrow
Manager, Talent Acquisition • Southern States Cooperative

In a time when Propane Drivers are in very short supply and the market is excessively competitive GenerationNext Propane Pros provided access and opportunity to speak with a class of CDL Drivers and highlight the benefits and career opportunities that exist within the propane industry. I was grateful for the access this provided which led to participants following up and inquiring about job opportunities at Foster Fuels. The candidate’s interest was spurred by the GenerationNext Propane Pros presentation highlighting the opportunity and growth across the propane industry.

Mike Gilliland
Vice President Human Resources • Foster Fuels

Today I was able to collaborate with Michelle from GeneratioNext Propane Pro’s on a presentation to 509 Driving School. The students from 509 Driving School learned all about the industry, and the career opportunities available to drivers with CDL’s. Michelle’s presentation was great and her enthusiasm for our industry and opportunities are unmatched. I was able to present information about Ferrellgas, and the great opportunities available to drivers with CDL’s when choosing us for a career! The format was great, and I know we will see results from this presentation. I look forward to the next presentation.

Todd Glore
District Manager • Ferrellgas
Spokane Valley, WA

GeneratioNext Propane Pros is on the right track in aggressively helping us recruit the next generation of propane professionals. They make recruitment easy with their informative, attractive presentation. Their commitment to help connect skilled workers with small business’ is exceptional.

Carly Fletcher
Owner • B&P Propane / Knotty Pine Oil

Recently, I had the honor of participating in a presentation promoting the propane business by the OPGA to the Southern Ohio Technical Institute HVAC class. This was my first experience with an opportunity like this and it blew me away why it took me so long to get involved. This was a fantastic experience, and I was very grateful for the opportunity to promote, not only the propane business, but also AmeriGas as the leader in the propane industry to the class of HVAC students. I look forward to more opportunities to come!

Kate Richardson
Recruitment Specialist • AmeriGas

Securing the next generation of employees in the propane industry requires direct outreach, and that is exactly what GeneratioNext Propane Pros is doing. I joined them for a presentation at a local school where they showed students all the benefits of working in our industry. Reaching students when they are starting to think about their careers is critical and this presentation with GenreatioNext Propane Pros really got the room excited about all the job opportunities propane has to offer.

Mike Taylor
Owner • Combined Energy Services
New York

Michelle, thank you for the opportunity today to speak to the two groups of Trade students. I appreciate you contacting these schools and setting up the opportunity to shed light on our industry! It never surprises me how many people are impressed with the many uses of propane and just how versatile this clean fuel is. This opportunity to assist you in educating students about propane, its possibilities, and my company was priceless. Thank you!

Tommy Reedy
District Manager • ThompsonGas
Rogersville, Missouri

GeneratioNext Propane Pros is a tool our industry has needed for a long time now: viable career opportunities for technical trade school students and qualified candidates for hire for local propane companies. I don’t know how every state is not participating in GeneratioNext Propane Pros. During one of the GeneratioNext Propane Pros presentations, I had the opportunity to connect with qualified CDL and HVAC applicants and let them know about the career opportunities at McMinnville Gas as well as in the propane industry. Following the presentation, I had candidates contacting me for placement. Every propane company and state association should be invested in this program because it is an investment in the success of our industry.

Ryan Buller
McMinnville Gas

Partnering with GeneratioNext Propane Pros proves to be a unique experience which bridges the gap between new CDL drivers and the propane industry. Their ability to focus on niche groups of people, such as CDL students and graduates, is essential so that people can not only find a job, but set themselves up for a life-long career in propane. It also allows for companies to fill roles with top talent. This may not otherwise be possible without the collaboration services provided by GeneratioNext Propane Pros to educate, raise, awareness, and feature companies in the industry on a rotating basis.

Aphrodite Reifsnyder
Former Driver Recruiter • Thompson Gas, LLC

What a pleasure to have participated the last few months with Michelle Wilson of GeneratioNext Propane Pros while presenting to CDL and career tech classes in AL, NC and VA. These presentations have allowed us both to promote the propane industry for what it is: dedicated people doing meaningful work in a sustainable industry with a high need for new contributors.

I have left each presentation feeling like we reached folks who had not thought of propane beyond the gas grill. These students now know that we have a variety of positions that will utilize their CDL, HVAC, and/or mechanical skills while offering competitive pay, professional growth, and the ability to work throughout the country as their lives change.

Alex Gresham
Blossman Gas & Appliance
MS/ FL/ AL/ GA/ TN/ NC / SC/ KY/ VA/ WV / OH

I had the opportunity to participate in a GeneratioNext Propane Pros presentation for a CDL truck driving school. Michelle did a wonderful job telling the story of some of the great things that the propane industry has to offer its employees. In addition to career opportunities, the presentation also takes a minute to educate the participants about the uses, benefits, and advantages of propane. This is a propane-specific presentation to a targeted group of potential employees for the industry. Very well done.

Josh Greene
Operational Manager • Arrick’s Propane

I recently participated in a presentation with GeneratioNext Propane Pros at a local HVAC class. It was a great opportunity to meet young people pursuing trade careers in our state. The presentation was informative and really showcased all of the benefits of working in the propane industry. I was able to share my own experiences with the students and could see they left informed and interested in pursuing jobs in propane after graduation.

Jeffrey Spiegel
Vice President • SOS Xtreme Comfort
New York

I have had the opportunity to join Michelle and her team at GenerationNext Propane Pros for a handful of their classroom presentations. I am always amazed by how intrigued the students are, not only about propane but trucking in general. They are amazed about what a propane company can offer them in terms of a career. You can always tell how well a presentation went, when the students want more information through the questions they ask. The conversation we typically have about trucking is usually negative, however, that is not what happens at these sessions. These students are intrigued, they become passionate, and gain a better understanding of our industry. GenerationNext is doing a great service for the country and the propane industry by providing these outreach sessions. Thank you very much!

Denver VanderYacht
Sales And Marketing Manager • VanderYacht Propane
Lynden, Washington

Joining GeneratioNext Propane Pros for one of their outreach sessions was one of the most rewarding recruiting experiences I have participated in. I had the opportunity to speak with CDL students about Ferrellgas and the benefits of a career opportunity in the propane industry. I even had a CDL student apply before the presentation ended! This is a program all state associations and propane marketers should be involved with.

David Rasmussen
General Manager • Ferrellgas

During a time when labor shortages and an aging work force are plaguing our industry, Michelle with GenerationNext Propane Pros gave us an opportunity that we would not have otherwise had to speak with CDL classes in our area to promote not only the propane industry but also Superior Gas.

Michelle provided a positive, pro propane PowerPoint highlighting the benefits of our industry, made the presentation process very easy, and guided us through discussing career options available within our company. Hopefully, informing and educating new CDL candidates about career opportunities in the propane industry will spur much needed “young blood” to enter the propane workforce. We greatly appreciate the opportunity that Michelle and GenerationNext facilitated for us.

Rainer Montgomery & Jerry Walker
Superior Gas Company

I had the pleasure of joining GeneratioNext Propane Pros at a zoom presentation with the HVAC class at East Valley Institute of Technology. It was by far the most rewarding recruiting experience I’ve had, and I can see how this program helps solve our industry’s workforce challenges. Michelle started off the presentation asking if any students had considered a career in our industry and few hands went up – they didn’t connect the skill set they were learning in class to a career in the propane industry. Michelle walked them through the benefits of a career in our industry and how their skill sets aligned – I was even afforded an opportunity to talk about Barrett Propane. Not only did this presentation allow me to interact with the students and instructors, I had the opportunity to speak with some great candidates too! Every propane company in Arizona should participate in one of these presentations, Michelle makes it easy, and you could end up with a new hire!

Lisa Barrett
General Manager • Barrett Propane
Prescott, Arizona

Recently our team had the opportunity to visit the Schuylkill Technology Center on behalf of GeneratioNext Propane Pros. We met with CDL and HVAC students to talk about the exciting changes in our industry as well as to discuss what makes Heller’s Gas unique. GeneratioNext Propane Pros explained the history and evolving future of the propane industry and allowed our Director of Delivery Operations to present his story of starting as a yard technician and working his way up into his current position. This helped to showcase how there are always many growth opportunities within the propane industry. It was truly a wonderful experience to get to make connections with students and prospective employees. We are very thankful for the chance to share our story and successes, and GeneratioNext Propane Pros made that all possible.

Ciara Littlejohn
Recruiter • Heller’s Gas, Inc.