Work Opportunities in North Carolina

Good people, competitive pay, and a career that makes a difference. This is what you can expect when you start your new career in the North Carolina propane industry. Propane is about so much more than just backyard grilling. Propane is powering homes. It’s helping businesses, farms, and fleets of vehicles operate more efficiently. Propane lets people live and work where they want and how they want. That’s why the demand for this clean, abundant, American fuel is growing, and so are the number of career openings in the industry.

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Get a High-Earning Job Quickly with Propane Training

Accelerated Propane Training Courses in North Carolina

NC-TEC can fast-track you to a job in propane that can become a lasting career. The course provides CETP certification that can help you earn an extra $2 per hour on your starting wage, which adds up to $4,000 per year!

  • Full training in just 8 weeks
  • State-of-the-art facility
  • High job placement rates
  • Competitive salaries and benefits



Success Stories from NC-TEC

“I recently graduated from NC-TEC and I can’t say enough good things about the program. After experiencing hands-on training at their state-of-the-art facility, I feel confident that I have the skills needed to find a good job and a lasting career in the propane industry. I would recommend NC-TEC to anyone looking to start a career in propane, as the instructors really go above and beyond to help you learn skills that will be needed on the job. They also put you in contact with potential employers to help you find placement after you graduate. Anyone looking for a financially stable career in a growing industry should enroll in NC-TEC’s program!”

-Harrison Gray, 2021 NC-TEC Graduate

“Blossman recently had the pleasure of hiring a graduate from NC-TEC. We were impressed with the knowledge and experience they brought to the company, and they are already an asset to our team. Our recruiting staff will certainly be looking for more NC-TEC graduates in the future after finding such success with our first experience.”

-Darrin Shaffer, Blossman Gas

“I recently graduated from NC-TEC and am so glad I chose this program. After experiencing hands-on training at their all-encompassing facility, I felt prepared to enter the workforce. This led to an interview and job offer upon graduation, which I accepted! I would recommend NC-TEC to anyone looking to start a successful career.”

-Kenneth Melton, 2021 NC-TEC Graduate

Propane Industry Careers

You’re looking for a career that will take you places; propane can do that! Here’s why you should consider a career in the propane industry:

Be Part of a Team

You’re not alone when you join the propane industry in state. You’ll be joining a team of experts who will be there to give you the experience and mentorship you need to succeed.

Grow Professionally

You’ll receive online education plus on-the-job training, and enjoy the benefits of working with advanced technology. You’ll also get instruction in safety and the basics of working with propane, plus you can learn about anything from working with high-tech, propane-powered vehicles to installing full residential HVAC systems, or even community propane systems.

Advance Your Propane Career

With propane in use across the country, in cities and in rural areas, you can put your skills to work anywhere you choose to live. With propane job openings at all levels, everyone with a get-it-done attitude has the opportunity to advance in state.

Strengthen Your Community

Working in the propane industry, you’re keeping families warm, supporting farm growth, and helping businesses run smoothly. You’re making a positive impact on your community while keeping a strong work/life balance.

Protect the Environment

Propane is not only a safe fuel, it’s an approved clean fuel listed in the 1990 Clean Air Act. Working in the propane industry, you’ll be helping to lower greenhouse gas emissions and leaving a positive impact on the environment.
In just 8 weeks, you can complete your certification and land a great job in the propane industry. Click here to learn more about training courses in North Carolina through NC-TEC.

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