Frank Edwards

I had the opportunity to recently join Michelle Wilson for a virtual presentation promoting GeneratioNext Propane Pros program. This was a very well-organized opportunity to meet and introduce the next generation of potential propane technicians and CDL drivers to our industry. Under Michelle’s guidance, the presentation was very informative, the class and instructors asked probing questions which allowed Michelle and I to explain in greater detail why a career in the propane industry would provide upwardly mobile opportunities with competitive wage and strong benefit packages.

I am a fan of GeneratioNext Propane Pros and would hope that other marketers would join the effort.

Partnering with GeneratioNext Propane Pros proves to be a unique experience which bridges the gap between new CDL drivers and the propane industry. Their ability to focus on niche groups of people, such as CDL students and graduates, is essential so that people can not only find a job, but set themselves up for a life-long career in propane. It also allows for companies to fill roles with top talent. This may not otherwise be possible without the collaboration services provided by GeneratioNext Propane Pros to educate, raise, awareness, and feature companies in the industry on a rotating basis.

Recently, I had the honor of participating in a presentation promoting the propane business by the OPGA to the Southern Ohio Technical Institute HVAC class. This was my first experience with an opportunity like this and it blew me away why it took me so long to get involved. This was a fantastic experience, and I was very grateful for the opportunity to promote, not only the propane business, but also AmeriGas as the leader in the propane industry to the class of HVAC students. I look forward to more opportunities to come!

Michelle Wilson of GeneratioNext Propane Pros graciously reached out to us to explain a little about our company and propane careers to Piedmont Virginia Community College Shipper’s Choice CDL students. We appreciate her agency’s proactiveness and were grateful to have her facilitate relationships with local CDL drivers. Michelle gave a great overview of the propane industry in the U.S. She does such a great job of educating future job seekers about the industry and numerous careers paths. The students were interacting and we feel it was a very fruitful conversation. We’re looking forward to collaborating again!

I was grateful for the opportunity to meet with future CDL drivers and share the many job opportunities at AmeriGas and within the propane industry. This experience allowed each participant the space to ask questions and understand more about propane. I look forward to working with Michelle in the future and helping students to see the many opportunities within the industry!

I feel very fortunate to have the chance to be a part of the classroom presentation with GeneratioNext Propane Pros. The presentation was informative and professional, and Michelle was well-versed in propane careers. I felt glad to be included in the discussion and have the opportunity to speak with the next generation of employees about the opportunities available to them in the propane field. This is a worthwhile endeavor, and I look forward to participating in future presentations.

The outreach sessions GeneratioNext Propane Pros conducts are critical to our industry. I joined Michelle for a speaking engagement with a local CDL school and saw the impact firsthand. Many students who had little to no knowledge about the career opportunities in the propane industry left with valuable information and new excitement for propane careers. The program provides qualified candidates for propane companies, solving one of our industry’s biggest challenges.

I had the pleasure of meeting with a women only CDL at Calhoun Community College on behalf of GeneratioNext Propane Pros. The experience was one of the most rewarding recruitment events I have participated in. I was able to speak with the students not only about Rogers Propane, but about the career opportunities available to CDL students in the propane industry. I would encourage any propane company looking for their next hire to work with GeneratioNext Propane Pros as they have created a successful workforce development program our industry has so desperately needed.

Recently I had the opportunity to join GeneratioNext Propane Pros as we spoke to a group that was completing their CDL training and ready to put their new skills to work. Michelle began with an informative and enthusiastic presentation about the propane industry and the opportunities our industry provides now as well as in the future. This type of communication and the career opportunities the propane industry can provide should continue and be committed to as a best practice year-round.

I had the pleasure of joining Michelle Wilson of the GeneratioNext Propane Pros along with approximately 20 HVAC students from the Delcastle Technical High School in a Zoom meeting yesterday. Michelle was very professional and knowledgeable about the propane industry. She and the students asked me some hard-hitting questions, which I appreciated. The students are obviously in very capable hands when it comes to their career paths because of Michelle’s guidance. I look forward to giving more presentations in the future and to working with Michelle and the students again.

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