Mauricio Juarez

As a trade school student at Arizona Automotive Institute, I was thinking I’d get a job as a diesel mechanic or service technician, but I didn’t think my career would be in the propane industry. I had never considered it. Fortunately, GeneratioNext Propane Pros presented to the HVAC, welding and diesel program at our school, and I learned how my skill set directly correlates to career opportunities in the propane industry. The presentation was invaluable and has changed the course of my career. Unlike other recruiters, GeneratioNext outlined the opportunities [and] they actually provided us with the right contacts at propane employers in Arizona and across the country. also has a job posting board allowing students to apply directly on the site. I appreciate the fact that Michelle is willing to help put us in touch with multiple propane employers so we can see which provides the best fit. GeneratioNext Propane Pros is not a recruiting agency, they are one of the best resources for anyone looking for a career offering financial stability, career advancement and job security!

There are so many career opportunities available to CDL drivers that are over the road, and I was looking for a position where I could be home each night. The propane industry never crossed my mind until GeneratioNext Propane Pros came to speak with our class. I was thrilled to learn that the propane industry offers local driving positions with competitive wages and generous benefits. With a number of local family run businesses, they also offer a lot of flexibility where I can be successful both personally and professionally – something that is important to me. I am very excited to pursue a career in the propane industry and encourage others with their CDL to check it out as well!

I never considered the propane industry before the GeneratioNext Propane Pros presentation yesterday at Crowder College. I didn’t realize the high paying jobs, first class paid training, great benefits and upward mobility this industry offers. Best of all, you can choose between going over the road or you can use your CDL in a career where you can be home each night! I am so fortunate to have learned about the propane industry and would encourage all individuals obtaining their CDL to look at what the propane industry has to offer. They not only let you know about the job opportunities but help you get in touch with potential employers and their website,, allows you to apply directly to open positions. I’m so thankful to start my career in the propane industry!

GeneratioNext Propane Pros recently presented information about a career in the propane industry to the HVAC class at Wichita Technical Institute. As an HVAC student, I knew I would have plenty of opportunities, but hadn’t really considered the propane industry. The presentation was enlightening – the propane industry is the HVAC industry and would allow students like me to build upon the foundation learned in school. I’d be able to utilize my skill set in an industry that is growing and needs technicians. I am looking forward to further exploring a career in the propane industry thanks to GeneratioNext Propane Pros.

Today, GeneratioNext Propane Pros spoke with my CDL class to let us know about the career opportunities available in the propane industry. Prior to Michelle’s presentation, I didn’t know much about this industry and certainly didn’t consider it for a career. In less than 30 minutes, it was apparent that the propane industry offered everything I was looking for and more! They offer positions where I can be home at night, competitive pay, and a very generous benefit package including 401K with company match, paid time off, overtime opportunities, upward mobility and first class paid training on how to deliver and/or transport propane. I look forward to having a job secured in the propane industry upon graduation!

I can’t believe I never considered the propane industry until the GeneratioNext Propane Pros presentation to my class. There are so many propane employers in my area looking to hire CDL drivers right out of school. They even train on safely delivering and transporting propane! Starting out they offer very competitive pay, bonus potential, 401K with company match and many more benefits. GeneratioNext Propane Pros helps with individual placement – they make it so easy! It’s a great feeling knowing when I graduate, I’ll already have a job secured as a propane delivery driver!

GeneratioNext Propane Pros was the best recruiter that spoke with my CDL class at Canandaigua Driving School. I was looking for a CDL position where I could be home at night and didn’t realize the propane industry offered just that (on top of great wages and career advancement opportunities). Michelle even works with students 1-on-1 for placement, and she’s helped me connect with propane employers in the Rochester area. Looking forward to start my career as a delivery driver in the propane industry!

Today GeneratioNext Propane Pros spoke with our CDL class about how we could utilize our CDL to start a career in the propane industry. None of us had considered the propane industry but after learning how we could deliver propane within the community and be home each night, we were eager to learn more. The propane industry would allow me to be home with my family every night while still having a rewarding career. I was amazed to learn how many propane companies there are in the Little Rock area and that they would hire us right out of school. I am excited to work with Michelle and GeneratioNext Propane Pros to start my career delivering clean, reliable, affordable propane!

As an HVAC student at Jefferson College, I never considered the propane industry as a career choice. However, after a recent GeneratioNext Propane Pros presentation I was excited to find out that the propane industry is the HVAC industry, they just happen to sell fuel as well. It was exciting to learn about all of the appliances that run on propane, which I could be working on! There are even apprenticeship and internship opportunities available to trade school students like me. After learning more about the industry, it seems to be a great fit and I have already started reaching out for apprenticeships that will no doubt turn into full-time positions at a propane employer in my area!

Centralia College partners with GeneratioNext Propane Pros, educating CDL students on the career opportunities available in the propane industry. It was clear following the presentation Michelle conducted with our class, that the propane industry is a great option, and I was very interested in pursuing it further. As a CDL driver, I was not looking to be over the road, so it was great to hear that the propane industry has transport positions, but the majority of the CDL drivers are doing local routes where they are home each night. The website is a great resource for individuals with their CDL because it’s not only a job posting board, but it provides you with contacts at propane employers across the country. Upon graduation next month, I am looking forward to starting a career in the propane industry thanks to GeneratioNext Propane Pros!

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