June Is National Propane Safety Month

June is National Propane Safety Month, and it’s the perfect time to think about how your future career in the propane industry will be essential for promoting propane safely in your company and to your valuable customers. Propane customers depend on energy employees’ expertise to understand their propane appliances, storage containers, and how to use propane safely. Keep reading to learn how propane delivery drivers, service technicians, and customer service representatives each do their part to promote a culture of safety at their respective propane companies and in their local communities.

Propane Safety Protects Our Valued Employees & Propane Customers

Many homeowners and business owners alike choose propane as their energy source for its longstanding history of efficiency, affordability, and safety. They can easily rely on propane to fuel their heating systems, power their stove tops, and so much more. This Propane Safety Month, we want to empower propane professionals to help keep the homes and businesses of their customers safe throughout every season by demonstrating the importance of propane safety in a variety of different careers in the industry.

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How Propane Technicians Promote Propane Safety

Among their other duties to perform expert installations, provide system tune-ups and maintenance, propane service technicians are also responsible for performing regular safety checks on their customers’ propane equipment. These checks are essential for helping to save customers money, preventing accidents, ensuring compliance, and helping both the customers and the propane company alike have greater peace of mind surrounding the customers’ safety and system efficiency as they continue to use their propane appliances.

Propane professionals are responsible for providing:

  • Instruction on propane safety procedures
  • How to detect the odor of propane
  • How to safely shut off your propane tank

Propane technicians do an excellent job of promoting propane safety through hands on work and demonstrating propane safety procedures directly to the customers.

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How Propane Delivery Drivers Keep the Community Safe

Likewise, propane delivery drivers have the important job of delivering fuel to their customers’ homes and businesses. Their commitment to safe deliveries and propane transportation are what helps keep their communities and their customers as safe as possible. A few of the ways that fuel delivery drivers help to promote propane are as follows:

  • Completing propane training and certification for propane handling, storage, and delivery procedures
  • Adhering to strict regulations and safety guidelines
  • Performing regular equipment and vehicle inspection
  • Detecting leaks and responding to emergency situations

By delivering propane and being well-versed about each aspect of propane fuel use, delivery drivers continue to keep their communities safe in every season.

How Propane CSRs Keep Customers Up-To-Date on Propane Safety

Customer service representatives also play a crucial role in promoting propane safety, especially during Propane Safety Month by providing accurate information, addressing customer concerns, and offering guidance on proper propane usage. Here are some ways customer service representatives promote propane safety:

  • Having extensive knowledge about safe propane use and product information
  • Clearly communicating safety guidelines to propane customers
  • Educating customers about properly using propane appliances and heating systems
  • Providing customers with safety brochures, pamphlets, or other educational materials regarding propane safety
  • Informing customers about local and national propane regulations and maintenance

By following these practices, customer service representatives effectively promote propane safety and contribute to the overall well-being of propane users in their local communities.

Do Your Part to Promote Propane Safety by Joining the Industry Today

Each career route in the propane industry is filled with opportunities to help promote a safe culture surrounding propane work and propane use in your very own community. Do your part to help promote propane safety by logging into GeneratioNext Propane Pros today. We are here to help qualified applicants find lasting careers in the propane industry. Create a free profile online by clicking here.