Propane Gas Has a Place in a Renewable Future

Climate change is on the forefront of many minds these days. Local legislators are taking major steps to help curb increasing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, causing the energy industry’s workforce to wonder how policy changes could affect their career paths. The good news is that propane gas continues to offer job security even in a renewable energy landscape.

Important Facts about Propane Industry Jobs

Propane Jobs Are Available & Secure

Propane jobs have always been a reliable career choice, but the industry’s dependability has truly shone in the past year. Jobs considered essential by the government will always be a consideration moving forward for those entering the workforce, especially after seeing firsthand the hardship and struggles that “nonessential” employees faced in 2020.

Propane Jobs Will Continue to Be in Demand

Propane isn’t going anywhere—it was listed as a clean fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act because compared to other fuels, its carbon footprint and emission output were considerably lower. Plus, many homeowners, business owners, farmers, and entire jurisdictions have been using propane infrastructure for years and will continue to use it in the future.

Climate Change Solutions Will Require Fuels Like Propane

Many people think about what needs to be subtracted from the equation for carbon reduction, but few consider what needs to be added. High-efficiency, low-emission fuels will need to be incorporated to cover the lapse in high-emission fuels when they are removed from production. Propane fits the bill and is ready to step in wherever it is needed. In fact, here are some important facts from the Propane Education & Research Council about propane’s environmentally friendly features:

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