GeneratioNext Propane Pros Partners with NC-TEC for Propane Training Courses

GeneratioNext Propane Pros and Vets2Techs are proud to announce the combined programs have launched to support the new North Carolina Technical Education Center (NC-TEC) in Raleigh, North Carolina. Click here to learn more about propane gas training at NC-TEC.

Get a High-Earning Job Quickly with Accelerated Propane Training

Looking for a lasting career in a growing industry with competitive pay? NC-TEC has high job-placement rates for competitive salaried positions in the propane industry. The accelerated propane courses are led by expert instructors and held at a new state-of-the-art facility in Raleigh, NC. In just eight weeks you’ll get the training you need to quickly find a high-earning job in propane.


What Is Propane Training at NC-TEC Like?

NC-TEC is committed to giving every student a leg up for job opportunities. They do that by providing true hands-on training with equipment you’ll see out in the field. You’ll get to learn from highly experienced propane instructors during the CETP course that covers all the bases when it comes to working in propane. It’s designed to prepare you for CETP certification from the National Propane Gas Association. Here are the basics of what you’ll get in the CETP at NC-TEC:

  • An understanding of how fuel gases work, including their physical, chemical, and combustion properties
  • Training in the sizing and installing of house piping and placing propane gas–operated equipment
  • Detailed instruction in the proper design, placement, and installation of propane systems and appliances

Why Consider a Career in Propane?

The North Carolina propane industry is looking for new talent. There are so many opportunities for new propane professionals with competitive pay, great benefits, steady job security, and room to grow a lasting career. People that start working in propane earn money right away, and most stay in the industry until retirement—that’s the sign of a good field to get into!