Transport Driver Careers in the Propane Industry

You can make money and see the country as a propane transport delivery driver. A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is required, however, many employers assist with obtaining the required licensing. Afterward, you can experience the open road and independence. Read on to learn more about becoming a propane transport driver in the propane industry.


Learn More about Propane Transport Driver Careers

Who Propane Transport Drivers Are

Do you enjoy working on your own? Are you interested in a career that offers the opportunity to travel? Transport drivers work well independently, manage time efficiently, and have a little zest for wanderlust with an interest in a career behind a steering wheel.

What Propane Transport Drivers Do

Transport drivers operate a tractor with a tanker trailer to pick up propane at a supply point and deliver it to area facilities throughout a regional area which could span over several counties or states, depending on the employer’s service area.

Where Propane Transport Drivers Work

Propane transport drivers spend the majority of the time out on the road on longer haul trips in a regional area.

When Propane Transport Drivers Work

Propane transport drivers work schedules based on their delivery routes and the scheduling protocol of the company.

Why You Should Consider a Career as a Propane Transport Driver

Take advantage of a unique, in-demand career that provides competitive wages, valuable benefits, and a flexible schedule.