Free Virtual Career Development Sessions for Your Students

Help your students connect with employers in the propane industry.

GeneratioNext Propane Pros caters specifically to jobseekers and employers in the propane industry, helping students make valuable connections with local marketers looking for new talent. Ready to take advantage? Our team travels to schools across the country to promote the program and offer instructors valuable resources for their students.

Whether you are teaching in the classroom or online, you can use our free career development services to help your students develop networking skills, pursue internship and job opportunities, and more.

“When the team from GeneratioNext Propane Pros came to speak at our school, I was unaware of how much the propane industry had to offer our students. Now we, students and faculty, know more about the viable job opportunities there are right here in our community. My students also took advantage of the GeneratioNext website, and successfully set up an account. The website allows them to connect with local propane marketers, which is an invaluable tool for our technical students. The platform is easy to use and helps students create real-world connections with potential employers.”
Kevin Keeler
HVAC Instructor, Lehigh Career & Technical Institute

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“I believe your presentation opened our students’ eyes to the possibilities of the propane industry. As this is a job program, I appreciate the opportunities that you are providing.”
David Norman
Owner & Instructor, HVAC Institute Inc.

“I greatly appreciated Generation Next Propane Pros’ and Parker Propane & Oil’s presentation to my high school students. Both companies really did a wonderful job of showing how important the propane industry is to our surrounding communities. The students really seemed engaged and all of their questions were answered thoroughly. I really appreciated how you all reinforced some of the same lessons that I as an educator in the construction industry have been teaching for years. Thank you both for introducing my students to these opportunities.”
Jawaun Porter
Utility/Heavy Construction, The College and Career Academy at Pruden